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CF7 Google Sheets Connector

CF7 Google Sheet Connector Pro

CF7 Google Sheet connector is a powerful and flexible connector bridge between WordPress Contact Form 7 and Google Sheet without the high costs.

  • Automate columns within google sheet Check Features
  • Automate Adding and managing fields within clear options to manage.
  • Custom Mail tags easy to manage with check box.. Refer Difference

Features of CF7 GSheetConnector PRO


Get spreadsheet and Worksheet list directly to your contact form’s google sheet settings with one click authentication.

One of the features you get with the latest API is the ability to format content in Google Sheets. when using contact form 7.

Make sure you don’t have to many sheet in google account.

The Configuration of the form to the sheet is very easy. Just follow the steps provided by the plugin and you will get data on the sheet.

With the use of a Multisite, you’ll also have a new level of user available: the Super Admin. And can work in multi-sites

You Can add multiple Contact Forms of your site to multiple Google Sheets. And can add as many google sheets as forms.

GSheetConnector allows a few custom capabilities which will allow Administrator to better manage access/use of Google Sheet Tab under contact forms.

Capabilities/ Role Management are permissions system. Roles are assigned capabilities that define what that role can do or can’t do. It will show all the roles of the website and you can give access to view the tab for specific roles, to change/modify to connect with sheets.

There may be times when you need more information than just the submitter’s input through contact form fields. For example, you may need to know the submitter’s IP address for security reasons. For such purposes, special mail-tags can be very helpful. Unlike other mail-tags, special mail-tags are independent from form fields or the submitter’s input. You can place these special mail-tags anywhere mail-tags are allowed to be used, such as in the message body or other mail fields.

Demo URL:

Admin Login: demo-login
Admin Password: NC!EfjLFdsJY^[email protected]

Google Sheet URL to Check submitted Data