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Validate License

Welcome to the Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector Documentation.

In the left side of each page in the Documentation is a table of contents, organized into sections that can be expanded to show the topics they cover. Both the sections and the topics within each section are ordered from the most basic concepts to the more advanced.

If you found issues which you cannot find or resolve, feel free to contact our support team, we are happy to assist you.

Here you will get step by step process to integrate Gravity Form with GSheet Plugins.

When you bought Gsheet Connecter for Gravity Forms, after that you will get an email. In that mail, you will get the GSheet account link and your login credentials.

Once you login to your account, there you will get GSheet Connector Gravity Form plugin and Activation key too.

Download that plugin from there, and install it in the WordPress plugin section.

Once Gsheet Plugin successfully installed, after that, you have to enter the activation key in the plugin.

For that, Click on the setting, it will redirect to the activation key. Copy the key from the account and paste it there.

When you click on the Save button, there one notification will appear “Your Key Successfully Installed”. If this notification will not appear it mean you did anything wrong, please do it again, still, the issue will not solve, contact to us by mail or fill out a form on the support page.

Validate License 1

Once license will have activated, other tabs would enable like integration and Form setting.

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