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How Work WPForms PRO


  • WPForms Googlesheet Connector PRO is the Powerful Connector Bridge between  WPForms and Googlesheets.
  • It also Support WordPress Multisite and You can Add Multiple Forms and Connect Your Forms to the Sheets. You can Add Your WPForms Fields as a Header Name. You can Add Your Custom Header Name as the Headings in the Googlesheet.

To begin Installing GSheet Connector WPForms PRO , You Will need to Plugins Zip File. To get Plugin You can Visit

How To Install Plugin:

  • If You Already use WPForms Free Version, Deactivate it First.
  • Upload WPForms Google Sheet Connector PRO to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Or upload plugin while clicking on “Upload Plugin” button at left top of wp-admin/plugin-install.php page.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Access Googlesheet Menu and Initial Setup:

  •  You can Access GoogleSheet Menu under WPForms Plugin on the Left Side Navigation Menu. You will need to go to WPForms -> Googlesheet.

wpforms gsheet menu

  • When you click on the GoogleSheet Menu it will Lead to the License tab. To get Your License Key go to the GSheetConnector Account Page. Enter Your License Key Provided by the Support of the GSheet Connector. If You Not Enter License Key then You can’t Access the Plugins Updates.

  • After adding license key it will lead to integration tab.


  • Here You Will need to Integrate WPForms Plugin with Your Google Account. Simply click on “Get Code” Button to Get Access Code for Authentication.
  • User Upgrading From Free to PRO would not need to Integrate ( Where you already would be integrated and shown “Currently Active”) if they have not Delete Free Version before Installing and Activating PRO Version.

get code

  • By clicking on the Get Code Button it will Redirect You to Your Gmail Account. Sign in and You will Get a Message to Allow Create, Edit, Delete and View Your Google Sheets.
permission 1
permission 2
  •   Next, Copy the Access Code and Enter the Code in the Text box and Save it. Once Access Code is Saved You will Get Message that Your Access Code is Authorizes and Saved. If You are Getting any Error then Check the Debug Log to see the Error. Once you’ve done with Authentication then hit on the click here to Fetch the Sheet Name and Sheet Tab Name on the Form List.

view button

  • Go to Google Drive, Create a New Google Sheet and Add Google Sheet Title and Google Sheet Tab Name.

Form Settings:

  • After Integration You will Lead to Form Setting Tab. In Form Setting Tab there is a Dropdown for Select Form in which You will see Listing of all the Forms of WPForms. You will have to Select one Form which you want to Connect with Your Google Sheet.

  • After Select Form You will see Google Sheet Settings. In Google Sheet Name Dropdown You will see Listing of all Your Google Sheets. Select the Sheet which You want to Change with WPForms.
  • When You Select Sheet Name You will Get Sheet Tab Name of Your Selected Sheet Name in next Dropdown. Select Sheet Tab Name. After Selecting Sheet Name and Sheet Tab Name WPForms GSheet Connector Provide Direct URL of the Selected Sheet. Click on the Sheet URL to Get GoogleSheet.

  • If You are not Showing any Sheet Name and Tab Name in the Dropdown then Click on the “Click here” to Fetch the Sheet Details. After Settings You will see the Field Lists.

Other way to integrate

  • If you want to integrate Google sheet manually, unable check box of Enable Manually adding of sheet name and tab name.
  • Once you will unable it, Google sheet integrate interface will change. Now you have to add Google Sheet Name, Sheet tab Name, Sheet ID and Tab ID manually.

google sheet setting in gsheet connector

  • In this process, you have to fill up all the fields manually.
  • Copy Sheet name and Tab name, paste in their filed, after that, Copy Sheet ID and Tab ID, paste it in GSheet Connector WPForms.

google sheet and tab id

  • After connecting Google Sheet with add-on, now you have to set up Field List.

  • Field Lists are the Listing of Fields which You have used in the Form Select Menu. For Example if You Select Simple Contact Form in Your Select Menu then it will Show Field Lists of Simple Contact Form.
  • You can use this Fields as the Headings of Your GoogleSheets. When You go with the Sheet URL You can see Name, Email and Message is the Header Names of Your Sheet. WPForms GSheet Connector also Provides Custom Header Name for Your Sheets.
  • You can Give Your Custom Headings to Your Sheets. If You want to Change Name as your-name, Simply Check to the Name Label and Write your-name in the Input box and hit on Submit Data. After Submit Check the URL of the Sheet You will see that Your Header Name Becomes your-name.Make Sure that You have to Checked the Checkbox otherwise the Header Name will not be Changed.
  • If You will Not Give any Value in the Text box then it will Print Placeholder to Your Google Sheet. Where Placeholder is the Name of the Fields.
  • After Getting Header Name Now You will the Fill the Form and Submit it. Once the Form is Submit Check the Sheet which is Connected to the Form. You can See Your Submitted Data into the Sheet.

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