Due to spreading Corona worldwide, many countries, states, and cities are lockdowns.

I really hope and pray that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy.

It is understood that each one of us is closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty. This is uncharted territory, and it is important that we remain calm, show solidarity, and stand by each other in this difficult time.

Keeping aligned with the Govt. safety guidelines, we have put restrictions on travel for our employees, providing work from home solutions, and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment.

While we take all precautions to keep our employees safe, our services remain unaffected by these measures. Our Team will continue to function in a seamless manner and will maintain the same service standards

Feel free to contact our support team through online chat or email us at [email protected]

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!

CEO/ Founder/ Plugin Developer