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CF7 GSheetConnector

Plays Nicely with All WordPress Websites

CF7 Google Sheet Connector integrates with website you already use to run your online business.

Now Save your all Contact Form field values directly on your Google Sheet. Now no chance to miss a single Inquiry through website forms

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It is so easy to use to CF7 Google Sheet Connector plugins in WordPress.


It is a great plugin with all basic stuff and easy to understand and use.


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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Here are the most frequently asked questions about CF7 Google Sheet Connector ?  If your question is not listed here, then please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

What will happen if I do not renew my license?2019-04-13T12:42:57+05:30

If you will not renew the GSheetConnector PRO then its not going to work. The license renewal allows you to continue getting updates and support from our site. License will be required to be renewed on any domain where you want to install GSheetConnector. Every license comes with 1 year validity. For more look at our privacy policy and terms.

Do you offer a discount on renewals?2019-02-08T13:00:44+05:30

Yes! We offer a renewal discount of 20% – 40% on GSheetConnector products so long as you upgrade within two weeks of your license expiring!

What’s your refund policy?2019-02-08T13:00:24+05:30

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want a refund, we will offer refund policy in future, if it’s requested within 7 days of purchase.

Can I try the “Pro” features before purchasing the plugin?2019-02-08T13:01:20+05:30

You can absolutely try the “Pro” features. Send us a message at “Request a Demo Site” and we will setup a demo site for you to try out the “Pro” features. Either you can test here

Demo URL: https://cf7demo.gsheetconnector.com/
Admin Login: demo-login
Admin Password: NC!EfjLFdsJY^[email protected]

Google Sheet URL to Check submitted Data

Are localhost URLs considered towards license count?2019-02-08T13:00:55+05:30

License activations are tied to URLs. For local development servers (servers which run on your laptop or desktop) we’ve allowed some common URLs and IP addresses to not count against your license activation count.









You may activate your licenses on any of the above URLs or IP addresses and it won’t count against your activation limit.

How many licenses do I need in a multisite environment?2019-02-08T13:01:11+05:30

It depends. If you have more than 6 sites in your multi-site setup, you will need the “Business Plus” license package which gives you 10 site licenses. Each site in a multi-site setup requires one GSheetConnector license. On the other hand, say out of 7 sites in a multi-site setup, you want to integrate with GSheets on 3 sites. On the other 4 sites, you want to continue using without GSheet. In that case, you can go with our “Business” license package which gives you 3 licenses.

CF7 GSheetConnector