Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector

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GravityForms Google Sheet Connector

GravityForms Google Sheet connector is a powerful and flexible connector bridge between WordPress Gravity Forms and Google Sheet without the high costs.

  • Automate columns within google sheet
  • Automate Adding and managing fields within clear options to manage.
  • Auto Fetch Sheets from your integrated google account.
  • Secure and latest google library.

Features of Gravity forms Google Sheet Connector

The most powerful bridge between GravityForms and Google Sheets. Gravity Forms Google Sheets Connector sends form submissions from Gravity Forms to GSheets when anyone submits a form on your site.
Add your Gravity Forms data to Google Spreadsheets whenever the user submits a form on your site.
You can add it to any number of forms on your site with no restrictions.
Submitted data is added as a new row in the select sheet within the Spreadsheet, allows mapping to form fields to sheet headers so that only selective data is added to the sheet.

  • One Click Authentication

  • Up-to date Google sheets API

  • Automated Sheet Name & Tab Name

  • Manually Adding Sheet Name & Tab Name

  • Click & Fetch Sheet Automated

  • Quick Configuration

  • Latest WordPress & PHP Support

  • Multiple Forms to Sheets

  • Role Management

  • Automatic Updates

  • Custom Ordering

  • Image / PDF Attachment Link

  • Compatible with Gravity Forms Versions

  • Support WordPress Multi-site

  • 10-day, Money-back Guarantee

  • Excellent Priority Support

Gallery of Gravity forms Google Sheet Connector

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Check Gravity GSheet Connector Demo

Gravity Sheet Demo
Google Sheet

GSheet Connector

We have launched Gravity Forms GSheet Connector
GSheet Connector is providing integration for all the WordPress forms like
  • CF7 Google Sheet Connector
  • WPForms Google Sheet Connector
  • Gravity Forms GSheet Connector

Also Payment Gateway Addons are available
  • Razor Pay for Easy Digital Download
  • PayPal Plus for WPForms
  • CCV Pay for WooCommerce
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