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Optimize and Secure WordPress Website

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Optimize and Secure WordPress Website

We will optimize your WordPress Site ( Which in turn will improve your Google Ranking) by the employing the following Proven methods:

>> optimize your images without hurting Quality
>> optimize template code
>>Remove useless CSS & JS injected by theme/plugins from homepage (probably the only freelancer offering this service on here for speed optimization). This will boost Insights grade in particluar.
>>squeeze 100% extra from popular optimization plugins
>> clean up css
>> minify HTML , css, js
>> Install and configure caching scripts
>> Use Google page speed provided rule.
>> Set up Cloudflare, a free CDN to boost speeds further
>> Set up a premium CDN
>> Check for anything malicious on your pages
>> Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content
>> Add LazyLoad
>> Turnoff all Pingbacks
>> Give you advice on making homepage load quicker and adjust if necessary
>> Remove query strings from static resources
>> Specify image dimensions
>> Prefer asynchronous resources
>> Serve scaled images
>> Specify a cache validator
>> Inline small CSS, JS etc
>> Optimize the order of styles and scripts
>> Make fewer HTTP requests
>> mover scripts to footer
>> Defer parsing of JS
>> And much more

We don’t use Totalcache or Super Cache unless called for

We will perform before and after tests to prove the results.

We use minimal amount of plugins to achieve results.

We will make minor code edits if they will help boost speeds at no extra cost.

We will look at plugins and suggest (and install) faster alternatives that do the same thing if possible.


A premium plugin worth $39 to help keep your site fast after I have finished for Free. Includes lifetime of updates (dev licence)

$10 Free KEYCDN credit to boost speeds even further. This should last more than a couple of months depending on site size.

Premium Image Optimization Plugin with licence worth $19 to automatically compress any new images you add. The best there is.

FINALLY:We will provide support and fix any errors that might (though it’s rare) get thrown up by the optimization work afterwards for FREE . I also offer full refund if there is no significant improvement on speed.


Avid Web Labs is a Super Creative Web Design & Development company. We design and build Exceptional Websites. Our main focus is to provide a great user experience. We are aware about the importance of owning a website, and therefore we want to help you succeed.

If there is anything you should know about us is the fact that we work with passion. This means that we don’t limit our activity on completing the project on time, but we also believe in high quality work, which actually is the result of true passion and interest. We have established the goal of always creating innovative projects that satisfy our customers’ needs. It may be your website, but at the end of the day it is our work and our prestige. One way or another it is our best marketing strategy.

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