How to merge date and time fields in GSheet using CF7 GSheetConnector

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How to merge cells like date and time in one column in Google Sheet, using CF7 GSheetConnector PRO version? Here is the Answer for you, You can merge fields in Google Sheet using CF7 Custom Mail Tags CF7 GSheetConnector Pro add_filter( "gscf7_special_mail_tags", "add_custom_mail_tag", 10, 2 ); function add_custom_mail_tag( $custom_mail_tags, $form_id )

Gravity Forms Google Sheet Addon New Version 4.0 Released

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We are glad to announce "Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector" new version 4.0 is released with more features. Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector addon lets you add data from Gravity Forms to Google Spreadsheet. Whenever the form is submitted, selected form data is added to the sheet. This update

Reauthentication required after Update (1.4.4 to 1.5.x)

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As per the recent announcements from Google, for version up-gradation of Google API from V3 to V4 we have implemented new API in our GSheet Integration Addon Plugins on Jan 2020. Update: The Google Sheets v3 API will be shut down on September 30, 2020. Starting on April 9, 2020,

Caldera Forms Google Sheet Connector

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We are glad to announce that we have released the addon GSheetConnector for Caldera Forms for users to download free on 14th October  2020. You can caldera forms a free version from here This plugin is a bridge between your WordPress Caldera Forms forms and Google Sheets. Caldera Forms GSheetConnector When

GSheet Connector Plugins List & Benefits

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We all used Google sheets in our day to day life, it helps us to save our data for a lifetime, without fear of dropping data. If you are WordPress website users, you may have known about Google sheet Advantages and you may save your contact form inquiries manually

CF7 Google Sheet Connector Free Version 4.0 updates

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  CF7 Google Sheet Connector Version 4.0 Updates (Free) We’re thrilled to announce that the Free version of CF7 Google Sheet Connector Plugin is released with the latest Google API version V4. This is a major and important release as API V3 will be closed after 1st March 2020. So,