When it comes to sending WooCommerce Orders to Google Sheets, the best solution is to connect your WooCommerce store with Google Sheet. Now, It’s simple, easy, and free to connect your WooCommerce store with Google Sheet using WooCommerce Google Sheet Addon.

We have released a free add-on plugin of WooCommerce Google Sheet, It helps to easily send WooCommerce to Google Sheets.

This plugin is a bridge between your WooCommerce orders to Google Sheets.

Whenever any new order is placed a new row with the order details will be added or moved to the appropriate Google Sheet Tabs as per the order status.

How to Connect Google Sheets with WooCommerce (in less than 5 minutes)

Step: 1 – In Google Sheets
* Log into your Google Sheets.
* Create a new sheet and name it. ( You can also select the existing sheet while setting the connection as per Step 3).
* Optionally – Skip this step and create a new sheet from “WP-Admin” Available in PRO version

Step: 2 – In WordPress Admin
* Navigate to WooCommerce > Google Sheet > Integration Tab
* Authenticate with Google using new “Google Access Code” while clicking on “Get Code”
* Make Sure to ALLOW Google Permissions for Google Drive and Google Sheets and then copy the code and paste in Google Access Code field, and Hit Save & Authenticate.
* Now fetch the sheet details by clicking “Click here to fetch Sheet details to be set at WooCommerce settings.”

Step: 3 – Connect with Google Sheet
* Navigate to WooCommerce > Google Sheet > WooCommerce Data Settings.
* Select the appropriate Sheet from the “Google Sheet Name” dropdown box.
* Select WooCommerce Order Status to create Sheet Tabs and add headers to your selected Google Sheet.
* Lastly test by ordering any product and putting it to a different order states ( Processing, Hold, etc)

Upgrade to PRO version and Get Benefits to manage WooCommerce orders with Google Spreadsheet

New Spreadsheets & Sheets – Once the user will select the create new Spreadsheet within Google drive with the desired name, it will auto-create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the status of the order from the settings page.

Freeze Header – The user can easily freeze the header row (first row) of the sheet with setting page option.

Changing columns ordering with drag n drop – This plugin lets you arrange using drag n drop, no need to do formatting manually from a google sheet, everything can be done from the settings page.

Enable / Disable Sheet Headers – With this option, the user can set the Sheet Headers row as per their requirement from the settings page. Also, users can easily enable/disable Sheet Headers within the settings page option.

All in one Sheet – By enabling the “All in one” option you can enable all sheets of the Google Spreadsheet. All the customer order status sheets will automatically create in one sheet within the selected spreadsheet.

Sync Orders – “Click to Sync” will automatically sync all existing orders as per the orders status sheets and it can also work with existing orders in WooCommerce.

Multi-Languages – This plugin supports multi-languages namely French, German, and Chinese.

Background Row Color – This feature allows users to add background row color in an odd & even manner, it is calculated as per their order id.

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