WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector

It Requires installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin before using GSheetConnector For WooCommerce!
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WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector

WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector is a powerful, flexible, and best connector plugin, a bridge between WooCommerce and Google Sheet. GSheetConnector For the WooCommerce plugin sync with your WooCommerce Orders, Products, Customers, Coupons, and Events to a single Google Spreadsheet.

  • WooCommerce Orders within one single Google Sheet
  • Auto Order ID / Edit Orders – Order wise data
  • Enable / Disable Sheet Headers, Edit Sheet Headers – Freeze Headers
  • Manage all orders in a single sheet with all 7 order statuses.
  • Each status will create separate sheets and automatically orders based on the order ID
  • Sync Orders, Background Row Color, Download & Sync Spreadsheet
  • Secure and latest google library.

Features of  WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector

One of the features you get with the latest API is the ability to format content in Google Sheets. when using woocommerce.

Get spreadsheet and Worksheet list directly in your google sheet settings with one-click authentication, which helps to connect easily.

Create New Client ID and Client Secret Keys from google developer project, It can be accessed from https://console.cloud.google.com/

This option helps to fetch sheets automatically from your google authenticated account. No need of finding sheetname and tab name and enter manually. If you have too many sheets in your account, you can use Manual option.

Once the user will select the create new sheet option, New Spreadsheet within Google drive with the desired name, it will auto-create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the status of the order on the settings page.

Users can easily manage all the orders with one Google Spreadsheet to make their business effective and also Google Spreadsheet can manage their Inventory Orders.

Users can easily freeze the header row (first row) of the sheet with setting page option.

This feature allows users to add background row color in an odd & even manner, it is calculated as per their order id.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Third-Party Plugins

GSheetConnector allows a few custom capabilities which will allow the Administrator to better manage access/use of the Google Sheet Tab under contact forms.

Capabilities/ Role Management are permissions systems. Roles are assigned capabilities that define what that role can do or can’t do. It will show all the roles of the website and you can give access to view the tab for specific roles, to change/modify to connect with sheets.

You must have a valid license key to update automatically.

It helps to change the order of columns while simply dragging and dropping options. The ultimate option is given for quick arranging the columns within the WordPress dashboard.

There are checkboxes for each order status, which can be easily enabled/disabled to create and manage order status within the google spreadsheet.

Users can sort the sheet headers row in the way they want to from the general settings page.

By enabling the “All in one” option you can enable all sheets of the Google Spreadsheet. All the customer order status sheets will automatically create one sheet in the spreadsheet.

“Click to Sync” will automatically sync all existing orders as per the orders status sheets and it can also work with existing orders in WooCommerce.

This plugin supports multi-languages as well!

With the use of a Multisite, you’ll also have a new level of user-available: the Super Admin. And can work in multi-sites

Gallery of  WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector

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