WPForms Google Sheets Connector is a WordPress Add-on that helps you to send WPForms data on Google Spreadsheet, once the user submits the form, filled entries will be seen in Google Sheets. Connect each WPForms with its own Google Spreadsheet to manage data.

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How to Connect a Google Sheet to WPForms?
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WPForms GSheetConnecrtor Free WPForms Google Sheets

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WPForms Google Sheet Connector

We have released an update of WPForms GSheetConnector PRO.
Download and update with the latest version of 2.3
(click to update from your Plugins page) or (Download from My Account)

But that’s not all for this release!

– WPForms GSheetConnector PRO’s Settings are available under each form.
– Improved overall visibility and security of the plugin
– Easy Drag and Drop Features
– Freeze Header, Color settings for Header and odd Even rows,
– Click to Sync is now available

Learn all about the settings available in WPForms GSheetConnector PRO
Documentation, here.
Installation Guide if an update is not showing in case
Google Sheet Tab Configuration step by step to understand!

For a full list of everything else that’s changed in this release – head over to our changelog.

If you have absolutely any questions or need help, feel free to email us or you can comment here, and I’ll get back to you right away.