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Plugin Installation

This block will give you information on how to install the Avada Forms Google Sheet Connector plugin to your website.

Downloading Plugin:

Navigate to the My Account Section and move to Download History Tab ➜ Click on the File link to download.

Download Avada Forms GSheetConnector min Plugin Installation


1. First, make sure that you’re using Avada Theme and designed the Form using Avada Forms before proceeding to plugin installation.


2. On your WordPress Dashboard navigate to the Plugins tab in the left column.

Install Plugins min Plugin Installation

3. Click on Add new button to upload Avada Forms GSheetConnector Plugin from your hard drive.

Add New Plugin min Plugin Installation

4. Click on the Upload button, which can be found at the top of the Plugins page.

Upload Plugin min Plugin Installation

5. Now Avada Forms GSheetConnector plugin is uploaded and installed you’ll need to activate it. Navigate to the Plugins tab and locate Avada Forms GSheetConnector plugin in the list of installed plugins, and click to get activate.


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