Top Gravity Forms Add-on

Top Gravity Forms Add-on

Gravity Form is the most popular WordPress Contact Form builder plugin. By using the Gravity Contact form builder tool, you can create advanced forms for WordPress websites.

Gravity forms provide useful tools and features, with that facility, you can build forms in just a minute.

By using drag and drop feature, you can create form according to your requirements, as well, you can create almost any type of form, including user surveys, polls, file upload forms, customer support requests, online (product/service) orders, quizzes, and questionnaires.

The conditional logic feature plays a large part in making Gravity forms one of the most powerful WordPress form solutions. It can be used to determine which form fields are displayed to a user based on the values entered in previous fields. Through conditional logic feature, you can also enable advanced routing of form entries, helping to ensure messages are delivered to the right department or team member depending on the contents of the form information.

Best Feature of Gravity Forms

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop form builder interface.
  • Thirty-three form fields support.
  • You can create multi-page forms with save-progress buttons.
  • You can manafe form availability by date or number of entries.
  • You can route entries to specific email addresses based on form contents. 
  • 100% support for creating multiple form entry notifications.
  • You are able to use conditional logic to control which form fields are displayed and where form entries are sent in the backend.
  • You can accept WordPress post submissions through the front-end WYSIWYG-enabled forms feature.
  • By using Gravity Form you can create WordPress website user account registration forms.
  • Gravity forms are perfectly optimized for forms for mobile devices.
  • Gravity form uses invisible anti-spam honeypot to reduce form spam.
  • With Gravity Forms you can use official and third-party free and commercial add-ons.

Gravity Forms Add-on List

No.ADD-NoAuthorCategoriesAdd to Website
1GSheet Connector Add-onAbdulla WesterndealGoogle Sheets IntegrationsGet Now
22Checkout GatewayPatsatechEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
33rd-Party IntegrationZausIntegrationsGet Now
4ABN LookupAdrian GordonField related,IntegrationsGet Now
5Access ManagerWisdmLabsAdministration,Security / Validation,WorkflowGet Now
6Address EnhancedWebAwareEcommerce,Field related,IntegrationsGet Now
7Address AutocompleteBhagwantbangerField related,Geolocation,IntegrationsGet Now
8Address Google AutocompleteWPExpertsGeolocation,Security / Validation,Styling / VisualGet Now
9Advanced Conditional LogicSpivurnoAdministration,Conditional Logic,Field relatedGet Now
10Advanced Conditional LogicMcDonnell WellingtonConditional Logic,Field relatedGet Now
11Advanced File UploaderBenjamin MoodyField relatedGet Now
12Advanced File UploaderBen MoodyAdministration,Export,Field related,WorkflowGet Now
13Advanced PermissionsForGravityAdministration,Security / ValidationGet Now
14Affiliate FormsAffiliate WPAffiliate,EcommerceGet Now
15Agile CRMAgile CRMIntegrationsGet Now
16Ajax UploadAdrian GordonField related,WorkflowGet Now
17American Payment Solutions GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
18AMG SecurePay GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
19amoCRM Lead GenerationIwanttobeliveIntegrationsGet Now
20Auto Complete (+address field)ma-groupField related,WorkflowGet Now
21Auto FormatterPluginOwlField related,Security / ValidationGet Now
22Auto LoginGravityWizAdministration,WorkflowGet Now
23Auto SuggestLine35Field relatedGet Now
24Autocomplete Address FieldDaan HegmanField related,Geolocation,WorkflowGet Now
25Autocomplete FieldsGrowellaField relatedGet Now
26Autoexport Entries to CSVLucas ConantExportGet Now
27Autofill List Row CountJoshua VandercarCalculations,Field relatedGet Now
28Automate Slack InvitertCampIntegrations,WorkflowGet Now
29Automatic Export to CSVAlex CavenderExportGet Now
30Bambora ePay GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
31Base CRMCRM PerksIntegrationsGet Now
32Beanstream API Payment GatewayPatsatechIntegrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
33Better User ActivationGravityWizWorkflowGet Now
34Bitrix24 Lead GenerationIwanttobeliveIntegrationsGet Now
35BlacklistGravityWizField related,ValidationGet Now
36Block Email DomainsRoad Warrior CreativeAdministration,Security / Validation,ValidationGet Now
37Block IP’sBirghtvesselSecurity / ValidationGet Now
38Blue Cube MightyBlue CubeAdministration,Field related,Security / ValidationGet Now
39BluePay GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
40BorgunMuhammad Arif AmirIntegrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
41Braintree Add-OnPlugifyIntegrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
42Braintree PaymentsAngell EyeIntegrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
43Brilliant GeocoderLuminfireField related,GeolocationGet Now
44Bulk ActionsJetSlothAdministrationGet Now
45Bulk Add FieldsJetSlothAdministration,Field related,WorkflowGet Now
46Business HoursGravityViewField relatedGet Now
47Button FieldDaan HegmanField relatedGet Now
48Campaign Fields add-onAlquemieAnalytics,Field relatedGet Now
49Capsule CRMCRM PerksIntegrationsGet Now
50Capture Webcam Field 2WordPressityField relatedGet Now
51Capturing Leads in LeadSquaredLeadsquaredIntegrations,WorkflowGet Now
52CCAvenue GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
53Charts ReportsMunger41ExportGet Now
54Checkout ProiThemesEcommerceGet Now
55CKEditor WYSIWYGAdrian GordonField relatedGet Now
56Clockwork SMSMediaburstWorkflowGet Now
57Color PickerJetSlothEcommerce, Results display,Styling / VisualGet Now
58Conekta GatewayWP GatewaysEcommerce,Integrations,Payment GatewayGet Now
59Connect EmailOctopusRonald HuerecaEmail,Integrations,WorkflowGet Now
60ConvertKit Add-OnConvertKitEmail,IntegrationsGet Now


It’s very difficult to find useful Gravity Forms add-ons in one place. Therefore, in this article, I have mentioned almost all useful Gravity Forms add-ons.

First add-on is my favorite add-on because that add-on is very helpful for saving Gravity Forms entry automatically to Google sheets.

Let me know, which add-on is your favorite, and which add-on you are going to use next by writing a comment.

Stiil, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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