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CF7 Google Sheet Connector Version 4.0 Updates (Free)

We’re thrilled to announce that the Free version of the CF7 Google Sheet Connector Plugin is released with the latest Google API version V4.

This is a major and important release as API V3 will be closed after 1st March 2020. So, we would recommend you all, to read the instruction carefully and then update them.

The update would require you to re-authenticate with your Google Account again as Google API V4 requires a different scope for authentication.

If you don’t reauthenticate your data will be not sent to the google sheet and even the plugin might display an error under log.txt files.

Also, to avoid any loss of data redo the Google Sheet settings of each Contact Forms again with the required sheet and tab details. You would need to add Sheet and Tab Id. You can find it out from the Sheet URL.


Where 1ooBdX0cgtk155ww9MmdMTw8kDavIy5J1m76VwSrcTSs is the Sheet Id
0 is the Tab Id.

Note: Sometimes the Tab Id would be other numbers like 1573201459. So simply add Tab Id as 1573201459.

Just to make sure about the configuration you have done, can you let us know that while reauthentication did you get the scope authentication like

Also, make sure the Sheet Id and Tab Id is correct without any space.

Note: Please organize your sheet perfectly, Don’t use square braces in naming fields
example: [name] must be written as a name either [Name] should be Name
Use the same as you have used in naming fields.
Again, if you have named the field as [name] and used in a sheet as Name then it will not work with lower versions of WordPress or PHP, so better to write exactly.

Also, make sure you have not added formulae or extra scripts in the same Google sheet.
Also, the special mail tags would be the same as previous settings _date must be date _remote_ip must be remote-IP.
Feel free to let us know in the comments below if you find any issue with the reconfiguration of the plugin.

For More Also visit our WordPress Repository Topic

Overall Summary of Changes needs to be done after upgrading free version 3.0 to 4.0

  • Reauthenticate with Google
  • Add Sheet ID and Tab ID, Along with Sheet Name and Tab Name
  • Don’t use any square braces in heading names as per the above example given.
  • Avoid using (underscore) _date and _remote-IP in All Special Fields
  • Avoid Using Special Characters
  • Avoid making manual formattings like adding scripts, adding formulae, etc in your integrated sheet.
  • Additionally, if having an issue like Authentication code is not saved then try using the private window (incognito) of your browser, to avoid cache issues.
  • Also, no need to Authenticate again n again, once authentication will work. After you authenticate, click on Dismiss so that notice will not show again, if in the case again notice shows after clicking on dismiss, or nothing happens while clicking on dismiss, please avoid that, as it may happen due to some JS conflict, this would be removed in next update.

Also, You can upgrade to the PRO version with more advanced features like

  • Automate Sheet with Auto Fetch
  • Get Full Path along with the whole URL of Attachment in Google Sheet
  • Drag & Drop Feature for Ordering Columns

and much more, you can compare the features of CF7 Google Sheet Connector Free & Google Sheet Connector PRO