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Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Once the integration process is done, the next step is the Gravity Form and Google Sheet connection.

Go to the Gravity all Form section. Hover cursor that you want to connect. When you hover the cursor on that contact form setting option. Setting options automatically appear there in drop-drown style.

Setting last option would be Google Sheet, Click on that tab and go to the form setting.

Gravity GSheet Setting min Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Here click on the add new button to add new Google Sheet Feed.

add new Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Once you create new feed, There you will get option to select Google Sheet and Tab. We already fetch all Google sheets from Google drive. Select your right Google sheet, there you want to save all the contact form entries.

google sheet selection Google Sheet Tab Configuration
Gravity GSheet Manual min Google Sheet Tab Configuration

If your Google Sheet is not in that drop-down, below Google Sheet integration, you can see Click here to to fetch. Click there, and fetch all the sheet again.

Now you have to map your contact form field.

Here you will get all the option, which you select when you created a contact form. Select those options, which option information you want to save in Google Drive Sheet.

Once you select all the fields which you want, click on the Update Setting.

Gravity GSheet FieldList min Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Custom Tags: Now You can Add Custom Tags (Merge Tags) like Date – Time, IP, and many more!

Freeze Header: Simply Enable to Freeze your Sheet Headers

Header Titles (the Most Important)
Don’t forget to tick and enable the Header Titles option,
It will help you to show all the above-selected fields and also allow you to drag n drop the fields, you can arrange it as you may require in Google Sheet.

Update Header Row Upon Saving this Feed (Important if you want to change the headers in Sheet after arranging)
You must have to select the checkbox while updating the headers in the selected sheet.
When you will click on the Update Setting button, the field name automatically fetches and add in Google Sheet as Sheet header. You do not need to add the Sheet header manually.

Gravity GSheet Header Configure min Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Enable Colors:

  1. Allows to select the freeze header (row1) background-color
  2. Allows to select odd row color
  3. Allows to select even row color

Sheet Sorting
Enable sorting based on the column name.

It works like Gravity Forms Conditional field

Gravity GSheet Color Settings min Google Sheet Tab Configuration

Finally Hit Save and then test the form from the front end!

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