We are glad to announce “Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector” new version 4.0 is released with more features. Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector addon lets you add data from Gravity Forms to Google Spreadsheet. Whenever the form is submitted, selected form data is added to the sheet. This update includes various new features in this version.


* New: Displayed authenticated email id at the integration page.
* Enhanced: Allow to create different feeds, add conditional logic and save data to multiple sheets.
* Enhanced: Added feature to create a new spreadsheet.
* New: Added feature to add custom mail tags and their value as Merge Tags or add Google Sheet Formulas.
* New: Added feature to sort selected header names.
* New: Added feature to freeze header.
* New: Added feature to highlight/color the header.
* New: Added feature to add color for odd and even rows.
* New: Added feature to sync old/lost entries to Google Sheet.
* Compatibility with the latest versions of GravityForms
* Google sheets API (Up-to-date )
* One-Click Authentication
* Click & Fetch Sheets Automatically
* Select Sheet Name & Tab Name with simple clicks
* Manually Adding Sheet Name & Tab Name
* Latest WordPress & PHP Support
* Support WordPress multisite
* Multiple Forms to Sheets
* Role Management
* Automatic Updates
* Custom Ordering with drag n drop
* Image / PDF Attachment Link

Gravity Forms with Google Sheets connector is an addon that helps you to send Gravity Forms data to Google Spreadsheet, once the user submits the form. Connect each gravity form with its own Google Spreadsheet to manage data

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Compatible with Latest Gravity Forms 2.5.5