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Divi Forms DB Google Sheet Connector Pro

Divi Forms Database and Google Sheet Connector is a simple, lightweight plugin, that helps to save the contact form submissions in your WordPress database as well as in Google Sheet in real-time.

  • Save all the Entries in WordPress Database – Page wise.
  • Automate columns within google sheet Check Features
  • Automate Adding and managing fields with clear options to manage.

Plugin Overview

The Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. it also comes with tons of features and modules that help you get the most out of the theme without the need to install third-party plugins which can slow down your website. One of the most powerful Divi theme modules is the contact form 

The Divi Contact form has numerous options that make it possible not only for your clients and customers to get in touch with you but also to redirect them to specific pages, The Divi Contact Form module has several field option types. You can create simple input fields that accept letters, numbers, or a combination of both. You can use checkboxes and dropdowns as well as fields for email, text, and radio buttons.

Divi Contact Form module doesn’t save entries in the database when someone has submitted a form. This can be frustrating if emails are not delivered – WordPress email deliverability out of the box is terrible. It’s smarter to have the option to read your emails when you next log in to your website, rather than losing the inquiry completely. Start using this addon plugin and all your entries will save in DB as well in Google Sheet, as per the selected sheet. You must have to Authenticate with the Google Account.

  • Save Entries – We can easily save all the entries with one google spreadsheet to make your responses/entries effective. Google Spreadsheet can save your entries from your Avada Forms.
  • New Sheets – Once the user selects and creates a new spreadsheet with the settings dropdown option, it will auto-create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the name on the settings page.
  • Edit Headers – Users can easily edit sheet headers with the settings page. There are simple text fields to change the name of the sheet headers, it will be auto-affected with google spreadsheet headers.
  • New Spreadsheets – Once the user selects and creates a new spreadsheet with the settings option, it will auto-create the new spreadsheet in google drive.
  • Freeze Header – The user can easily freeze the header row (first row) of the sheet with the setting page option. It can be easily enabled/disabled whenever we need it.
  • Enable / Disable Sheet Headers – With this option, the user can set the sheet headers row as per their requirement on the settings page. Also, users can easily enable/disable sheet headers in the general settings page option.
  • Custom Ordering Headers  With this option, the user can click and drag the element upward and downward to set the orders and it will save as per the orders in the selected Google Sheet

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