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CF7 Special mail-tags

Many users are asking for adding CF7 Special mail-tags using the FREE version of CF7 Google Sheet Connector,

As there are various special mail tags are available in ContactForm7, All the Special mail-tags are available to use in the PRO version of CF7 Google Sheet Connector.

For FREE users, most used Special mail-tags are working like

[_date] — This tag is replaced by the date of the submission.

[_time] — This tag is replaced by the time of the submission.

you have to create a new column in your selected Sheet, simply like “date” and “time”
(without double code and in small letters)

Make sure, the format of “date” and “time” will be shown as per you configured in
WordPress Dashboard Settings ➜ General

If you have any queries regarding the FREE version, please create a support ticket here


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