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Why Not Store Data On Google Sheets?

Sometimes it can take a while of spinning before it goes through. But if the entries never show up in your Sheet then one of these things might be the reason:

1) Check whether you have not used contact form field name in capital letter and also not use underscore ( _ ) & Special character.

2) Double check sheet name and tab name, sheet ID and tab ID is corrected perfectly, make sure to refer video here.

3) Check on which google account you have integrated. Is it where you have saved your google sheet ?

4) Check the log files for any error that is clicked on the “view” link under the google sheet connector, make sure to enable debug mode from your wp-config.php file, refer to this link for common issues and how to enable debug mode.

5) Lastly try to reauthenticate with a new fresh google auth code and save.

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