How to Use EDD Rozarpay Addons

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How to Use EDD Rozarpay Addons

Razorpay is the Payment Gateway Plugin for the Easy Digital Downloads. It allows you to Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Netbanking with Easy Digital Downloads. Razorpay Provides the Most Extensive Set of Payment Methods. It allows a Customer to Pay with Your Website Seamlessly Everywhere.

First You Install Easy Digital Downloads Plugin and then Install the Razorpay Payment Gateway Connector Plugins.

How Can Use This Plugins

Visit the Admin Panel > Downloads > Setting page in the Easy Digital Downloads plugins options.

Choose to Payment Gateways tab

> General Setting.

  • Select Your Payment Gateway Options.
  • Choose the Default Gateway Which Will be Loaded Automatically on Checkout Page.
  • Select Accepted payment method icon to display on the page.
  • Click on the Save button.

> Razorpay  Setting

  • Click on the Razorpay Setting Option.
  • Enter the Title and Description Which the User sees on Checkout Page.
  • Add Key Id and Key Secret in the textbox.[“The Key Id and Key Secret can be Generated from “API Keys” Section of Razorpay Dashboard.“]
  • Enter the Merchant Name to be Displayed on Razorpay Screen.

Razorpay Setting

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