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Working with Special Mail Tags

Special Mail Tags to Configure.

There may be times when you need more information than just the submitter’s input through contact form 7 fields. For example, you may need to know the submitter’s IP address for security reasons.

For such purposes, special mail-tags can be very helpful. Unlike other mail-tags, special mail-tags are independent from form fields or the submitter’s input. You can place these special mail-tags anywhere mail-tags are allowed to be used, such as in the message body or other mail fields.

Just select the special mail tags you want to add to your sheet as a header.

Note: [_serial_number] — This tag is replaced by a numeric string whose value increments, so this tag can work as the serial number of each submission. Requires Flamingo 1.5+ be installed. Requires Flamingo 1.5+ to be installed.

GSheet Connector Special Mail Tags

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