What’s The Difference Between GSheetConnector Free And PRO?

What’s The Difference Between GSheetConnector Free And PRO?

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    GsheetConnector Free

    • GsheetConnector Free is available on WordPress Repository
      • Manual creating columns in google sheet
      • Manual Adding fields used within contactform7 to link in columns
      • Adding / Removing Fields Columns would be lengthy for FREE users
      • Limit with the Contact Forms to Integrate with Google Sheet.

    GsheetConnector PRO

    • GsheetConnector PRO available at (https://www.gsheetconnector.com/pricing)
      • Automate columns within google sheet
      • Automate Adding and managing fields within clear options to manage.
      • Easy to manage with other special mail tags like date, post-url and many more.
      • Permissions based on user roles
      • Custom Mail tags easy to manage with check box


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    GSheet Connector

    We have launched Gravity Forms GSheet Connector
    GSheet Connector is providing integration for all the WordPress forms like
    • CF7 Google Sheet Connector
    • WPForms Google Sheet Connector
    • Gravity Forms GSheet Connector

    Also Payment Gateway Addons are available
    • Razor Pay for Easy Digital Download
    • PayPal Plus for WPForms
    • CCV Pay for WooCommerce
    Get Gravity Sheet Connector now @ 10% discount price.